Souvenir Instant Snow SNO-400SBNDED Includes Snowboard Magnet



1 case - 60 UNITS (minimum purchase)

  • Includes your name drop on the snowboard magnet
  • Makes about one gallon
  • Each snowboard magnet is unique
  • Perfect souvenir or gift

Our New Snow To Go with Snowboard Magnet Edition. The addition of the beautifully designed Snowboard Magnet to the best Instant Snow is a perfect added value for customers and retailers. The Snowboard Magnet, Name-Dropped with a Souvenir Location, included with Instant Snow To Go Brings Winter Fun Memories to Life. Visit, then take home and share snow-many stories with family and friends. NEW!!! Souvenir Instant Snow with Snowboard Magnet Included.

1 case: $360.00 $6.00 per unit)
2 cases: $660.00 ($6.00 per unit)
3 cases: $1035.00 ($5.75 per unit)
4 cases: $1320.00 (5.50 per unit)

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